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In GMail, you can search for only unread messages using a certain label by using special search operators, i.e. is:unread label:personal Australia. I'd like to do the same in Google Reader, but can't figure out how. You can search a specific tag or folder by using the pull-down selection next to the search box, but I just get hundreds or thousands of results I've already read. I only want to see unread results. Is this possible?

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This is currently not available. There's a few groups that have tried to get Google to implement meta search is:unread,title:release,etc but so far nothing has come out.

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Here are the steps:

  1. Click the "Show Search Options" link next to the search buttons
  2. In the "Search" Dropdown (combobox), select "Unread Mail"
  3. In the "Has the words" text box, type label:labelName
  4. Click the "Search Mail" button
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That's how you do it in GMail. My question was about Google Reader ( google.com/reader ), the RSS feed reader app. –  Joshua Carmody May 11 '11 at 22:58

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