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What is preferred free webapps to send free invoices to client?

I need simple and free invoice service and money transaction should not be included with that like Paypal.

I just want to send invoice.

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See this question also. – Alex May 1 '12 at 18:25

Freshbooks is free up to 3 clients. I haven't tried it myself, but comes highly recommended.

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Note: All the following are invoices via email. You can print the invoice and sent it by mail should you wish.

  • PayPal - free, simple invoices (Tried them, though, and the invoicing part wasn't powerful enough for me. So I use Freshbooks - below - instead.)
  • Freshbooks - Free invoices for up to 3 clients. Does offer invoice-by-mail for small fee.
  • WaveAccounting - Accounting for your business + invoicing
  • Invoicera - Free for a certain 3 clients.
  • BillingBoss - Free.
  • SnapBill - 5 clients & 15 invoices/month free.
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Can I send invoice in mail to my client using Freshbooks? – metal-gear-solid May 13 '11 at 18:37
Yes, you can. It does cost a little to do so (They give you like one for free, IIRC), but if you need it by mail, it's not a bad price. I'll look it up next time I'm in freshbooks (which will be tonight). – Kerri Shotts May 13 '11 at 23:42

If you want to send invoices, accept money and to own you data, you have to look at MyClientBase which is a good choice and the new version can accept money using PayPal.

But if you don’t care about owning your data you can check Wave Accounting, which has a personal and business accounting for the same account, but I’m not so sure if you can accept money using it.

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