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Google's new interface requires an additional step to switch accounts:

  1. Click email/ID in upper right-hand corner
  2. Click "Switch account" (This is the additional step.)
  3. Click account or "Sign in to another account..."

Now, I rarely use the first menu items that show up ("View profile, Account settings, Privacy"), but I use the switch account functionality many times per day.

Is there a way to directly display the list of accounts by default? (the menu as it appears after clicking "Switch account"

Extensions/User-side JavaScript OK; solutions for Chrome and Opera browsers preferred.

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This simple script currently just adds a few styles to show the available accounts on first click.

Hope this helps.

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+1 Does exactly what I want in Firefox~ – Leftium May 13 '11 at 14:26

Take a look at this userscript

It replaces the Sign Out link with a select list of accounts, so you you can instantly switch between accounts without logging out.

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