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How can I reach the full screen mode of Google Documents without clicking View->Full Screen?

Is there a different URL perhaps that I can use or any other methods to get Google Docs to show the document at full screen?

Here's what it looks like in normal edit mode and window:

GDocs in normal mode

In full screen view:

GDocs in full screen mode

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It is not possible to do this via changing a URL parameter. The only other option is pressing F11 to enter/exit full screen mode.

Note: Although it doesn't appear to be exactly the same as clicking View > Full Screen

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The following works for me:

<iframe height="300" 
src="https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uUuBK87eQMY4YiJG9Posro5Yx3lce5gdVxSmxjHs8iY/edit?usp=sharing&embedded=true&rm=demo" width="75%"></iframe> 

Where the &rm=demo part seems to make it impossible to show the menu, and also makes the controls compact, so although it does not make it fullscreen, it is a step on the way.

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