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I'm trying to paste some example XML snippets into a blog post on blogger, but everytime I save or preview the post, blogger seems to remove my XML tags and just display the parameters. I can't find a way of retaining code, there is no "code" button on the WYSIWYG editor

For example,

 <myValue>some value</myValue>


some value

I've tried to surround it with the pre tag but that doesn't work either

Any ideas? I'd rather not have to screenshot code as that rules out copy/pasting in the future

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I've been using tohtml to format code for a while, and I just tested its output with blogger and it works. It will even give you syntax highlighting.

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&lt; and &gt should go in place of the angle brackets.

This isn't an issue with blogger, rather your web browser interpreting the <>s as tags, and so not displaying them. &lt; and &gt; mean < and >, respectively, to your web browser.

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Thanks Phoshi, I was considering using that but didn't like the idea of doing that over a 50+ line snippet of code ;) – James.Elsey Nov 8 '09 at 21:31
Ouch! You could try a find&replace, I suppose? :P – Phoshi Nov 8 '09 at 21:42

Copy and paste sourcecode onto : http://formatmysourcecode.blogspot.com/

It replaces any non-alphanumeric characters in your text, so you can then copy/paste it into your blog

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You can also paste your code to gist and a pretty link is available to display gist code in your blog, for example :

<script src="https://gist.github.com/Ameausoone/4714699.js"></script>
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