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I am looking a solution to share a mailbox like, support@example.com on a domain that is using Google Apps, free edition.


  • I do not want to upgrade to Business account
  • Several people should be able to reply to messages received
  • If someone replies, the reply should be visible by others, we do not want to have two people answering the same email,... eventual with different responses ;)
  • We do not want to request people to login to another shared account, we need a simple solution.
  • has to be free, at least for the first 2-4 "agents"
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In the past I used one private Google Group for this but it looks that now I cannot set the reply email address to work as expected: when you reply I expect to send a copy to the group and one to the original sender (that is not part of the group, but as anyone can send emails to the group). –  sorin May 15 '11 at 16:35

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Almost any cloud-based support system will cost money. Have you looked at Zoho Support?

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