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I clicked the "upgrade account" button on PayPal and upgraded my account to Premier by accident, thinking that I would be able to see the fee or restriction by pressing Continue enough, but nothing ever popped up and I couldn't find this information in the links provided. What is a Premier account's catch?? Do I have to pay something ever? If so, how could I downgrade back to a normal account?

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Here is the different between Personal Accounts and Premier/Business Accounts

Comparison of Personal and Premier/Business Paypal accounts

And from Answers.com here's how to downgrade your account (only once allowed):

  1. Log into your PayPal account, select Contact Us, then Email Us.
  2. Under Select a Topic, choose "My Account" and then "Downgrade Account" (if available) or "Changing Account Type".
  3. Summarise you question in box 3 - e.g. I would like to downgrade my account - and use the Continue button.

You can only downgrade your account once.

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Don't worry, the PayPal's Premier Account has no periodic charges. It is free, and it is linked to a post-paid or pre-paid credit card.

I am owner of a PayPal's Premier Account, too.

I am not sure is it possibile to downgrade to a normal account.

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Originally I never made use of the Premier features and got tired of paying fees when a friend or family member sent me money, so I wanted to go back to the Personal account.

I was able to downgrade my Premier account back to a personal account, but they said it is something you can only do once. Not a big deal, but if you end up with a Business account and a Premier account, you will have to close one in order to have a Personal account again since you are only allowed to hold 2 accounts.

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So this is how it will work:

Go to “Help” on top of the page, then “Contact Us” on bottom right and then “Send an email”. Then type topic as “Account settings,” then subtopic as “Closing account”.

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iT WORKED FOR ME.. – Rohit Isaac Mar 5 '14 at 5:04
This has already long been answered. Also, your Caps Lock is on. – Ryan O'Hara Mar 5 '14 at 5:05

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