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I am working on a new service offering that would check a company's email service every 5 minutes or so by sending an email to an address ie. emailautoreply@abcco.com to make sure it is sending and receiving properly. If my server doesn't receive an autoreply within X minutes, it will notify our staff who will call someone to check out the problem. Who is already offering a service like that? Is there a name for it? I have searched google and can't find anything out there.

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This might be better a webapps but either way its probably hard to find a single answer. – Nate May 18 '11 at 18:31

I would call it an "email uptime monitor" or an "email performance monitor".

Existing uptime monitoring services can check if mail servers are down (e.g. http://www.pingdom.com/ ), but they do this by pinging the mailserver, not by verifying the receipt of incoming and outgoing mail. Your product sounds like it might be better in this respect.

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The keyword to google for is "email roundtrip monitoring". There are quite a few that offer this. The one we use is http://alertfox.com/

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