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Is there a good web service to monitor all earthquakes around the world?

It should give the latest earthquake locations on a world map similar to a heat map. It would be nice if we could filter the earthquakes by magnitudes. For example, only list the earthquakes >5M, or only list and sort the ones in Europe, etc.

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How about the official U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake World map? There are also maps for various regions, including Europe.

They also offer RSS feeds and KML data.

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The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System provides near real-time alerts about natural disasters around the world and tools to facilitate response coordination, including media monitoring, map catalogues and Virtual On-Site Operations Coordination Centre.

For earthquakes -

GDACS automatically monitors earthquakes. For each earthquake, humanitarian impact is calculated based on magnitude, depth, affected population and their vulnerability and resilience. Detailed reports with affected infrastructure are available. Each 15 minutes, GDACS collects - in an automatic way - media reports, damage maps, ReliefWeb situation reports and more about the earthquakes.

GDACS Earthquakes page gives information on all the earthquakes in the form of markers on Google Maps and also as a table. Search feature is also provided to filter earthquakes according to country, alert level, affected population etc.

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