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There's an awful lot of scams going on, and I'd love to report them, but it seems that none of the big players (looking at you, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) have a way to report external websites that are claiming to be these guys.

For instance, I just saw a website that pretends to be youtbe, presents a fake captcha, and the submit button triggers you clicking "like" which ends up posting it to your wall.

I could report to imgur, which was hosting the images... but facebook didn't seem to have anything to send this to, neither did youtube. I don't run into spam every day, but when I do I'd sure like to help people get away from it.

What should I do? Sitting on my hands is not an option.

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You can report to Google Safe Browsing - Malware / Phishing or use an addon like Web of Trust.

Chrome & Firefox make use of Google Safe Browsing API, so reporting a fraudulent site to Safe Browsing will result in Chrome or Firefox displaying a message about an unsafe site.

Web of Trust(WOT) works in almost the same way.

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