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I have changed the settings of my Google Group, now my members are able to reply/reply all from emails as well. However, when members reply to my posts they get an error. A self replied message as follows

group only accepts replies via Web UI1.

How can I fix this problem?

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Well, you asked it on 2011 and Google Groups changed recently some features...

But if you want to enable replies from all users on the new Google Groups interface (hey, I use it in Portuguese, so some words here would be synonyms of real options):

  1. Enter the group and choose Manage

  2. On Details > E-mail Options, change Post Answers to All Members, and press Save

  3. On Details > New Members, check the checkbox New Users can Post, and press Save

  4. On Permissions > Basic, on Post select All Members, and press Save

  5. On Permissions > Post, on Post select All Members (if you have done 4th step, probably this one would be already done too, but once, when I was creating dozen of new groups, options from these steps, 4 and 5, were different, perhaps a momentary bug), and press Save

  6. On Info > General, on Post Options, check the option to Allow E-Mail Posting

  7. And finally, on Members > All Members, check if someone is not allowed to post (on Posting column). If so, select them and on Actions > Post Permissions select the default option.

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I am searching for the inverse way, to disable replies to group, but to auto enable all group replies to the author or the group manager... – kokbira May 17 '13 at 18:38

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