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I'm looking for a web-based contact management application that meets a number of requirements. 37Signals' Highrise is nice but it doesn't support full text search of notes/free text fields (plus it's $29 per month - yuck). Plaxo is nice but but it doesn't have an API. My requirements are:

  • Provides full text search of all fields including Notes fields (free text/arbitrarily large free text fields)
  • Has an API which supports viewing and editing contacts
  • Contact sync is not that important to me

Any ideas?

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Have you tried Google's contact manager? It's part of gmail…

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On a related note, Google is rolling out its 'people widgets' over the next two weeks : gmailblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/introducing-people-widget.html – kraymer May 27 '11 at 7:05

Try Zoho CRM. I believe it's free for a limited amount of data and has a manageable price afterwards. They support a REST API for all their apps.

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Check out FullContact (I work for them, so I'm biased - but sounds like what you're looking for) - it cleans and updates your contacts with social profile data, then syncs contacts between all your platforms. Currently supporting Google Contacts in beta, with plans to extend to other contact apps as well.

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