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Is there a web application that can replace an IDE like Eclipse?

I am preparing for technical interview and would like to brush my coding skills. I have written a C++ program and would like to test it online. I don't have access to any linux compiler on my machine. Where can I do it? I have perception that I can do it in -> Google Code Playground

but I don't see where I can choose my compiler.

I have written a simple C hello world program in "edit code" panel and have clicked on "Run code" but it has been a while and nothing appears in bottom output window.

Please help. Thanks,

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Try something like ideone. The compilers are on the left hand side there.

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It might be more productive to download any number of compilers, including Visual Studio Express (free), to test your c/c++ code.

Otherwise, there is

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You might want to try CodePad. It supports C++.

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Other online compilers include Compilr & OnlineCompiler

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