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I want to link to YouTube video that will expand itself when user lands on page and selects appropriate definition to play video. For example i want to link to video that can play in 240, 360, 460 and 720 definition. How can i do that?

&fmt=18, &fmt=22 - none of these work today like they used to.

I know about watch_popup but it expands video to full screen and i want regular expand.

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Seems that the best YouTube supports is specifying that you want HD (720p) if available. That's accomplished by appending &hd=1 to the URL.

Almost a year ago, someone asked pretty much the same question on the YouTube support forum and got "Thanks for bringing this to our attention; we are looking at how to resolve this, and I will update you accordingly." from a Google employee, but I can't find any evidence that a fix has been released since then.

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