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I want to see only my subscriptions on my YouTube home. Those recommendations are unnecessary pollution.

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There is a filter at the very top of the homepage:

YouTube screenshot

Switch to Subscriptions and you'll see only subscriptions...

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In AdBlock Plus (ABP) or a similar browser extension that can use ABP filters, simply add one of the ABP filter lists at the Customize YouTube with Adblock Plus page. The ABP filter lists there can block the ff:

YouTube Video Page

Comments, Suggested Videos, Featured and Recommended Videos in the Endscreen, Sharing tab in the description, In-Video Annotations

YouTube Homepage and Channel Page

Related/Featured/Popular Channels on Channel Pages, Recommended Channels on the Homepage

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Or you can add No Recommendation Chrome extension.

No YouTube recommendations

By installing this extension, you can get rid of the recommendations of YouTube homepage, including videos and channels.

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Since YouTube likes to force us to look at crap we dont like, I use the Chrome AdBlock extension which allows me to hide certain areas of web pages as if it was an ad. Basically all I had to do was right click the recommended channels area and select AdBlock->Block this add, and a little window with a slider comes up and i slide it to the right until the whole recommended channels tab disappears. Now every time I visit my subscription page its gone for good! Not sure what the IE or Firefox equivalent is though.

good luck!

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If YouTube doesn't provide this, its possible to make modifications to websites on a per-website basis using a Firefox browser plugin called Greasemonkey. If you use Firefox, go to userscripts.org and search for one that does YouTube modifications.

Ad-blocking plugins are also available for most browsers.

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