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Searching for a web service that assists HR and recruiters in tracking contacts/candidates for job opportunities.

This is essentially a CRM tool that is customized/specialized for the activities that a recruiter or HR worker would require.

Bonus points if it works across different organizations (ideal for a recruiter working for many companies, rather than the HR dept of a specific company)

Zoho Recruit appears to be a possibility, however I'm looking for other options to compare as well.

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I haven't tried it myself, but I found this one a while back and saved the link. Think it might be worth a closer look: http://www.theresumator.com/

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The kind of application you're looking for is called either an ATS -- Applicant Tracking System, or TMS -- Talent Management System. Put that those your search queries and you'll come up with quite a few more options.

The only ATS I have experience with from the administrative side is JobVite, but I think it would fill all your requirements. It definitely tracks opportunities, candidates, resumes, etc. It also has full workflow support -- you can set it up to move candidates through a process based on application completeness, send emails to department managers to review a new application, etc. It also supports multiple companies and divisions.

One other major player is Taleo. I've never used it as an admin, but, having been on the applying end, I'm not a fan.

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Disclosure: I am twitter-acquainted with the founders of this site, though have no personal interest in the organization.

Check out http://tribehr.com/. It is intended to assist HR at one specific company, so not perfectly suited to your needs.

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Most ATSs are built for large businesses and have a feature set and price that just don't work for small businesses. However, there are a few notable exceptions. The best I've seen are:

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Well, here’s mine. It’s called Resume Tracker. It may not be the best applicant tracking system yet, but I try really hard to deliver the best user experience and customer support. I’d love everyone’s feedback!

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Checkout Zoho Recruit - collaborative and cost-effective Applicant Tracking System.

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