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I'm trying to make a document/spreadsheet containing a few resources I regularly use and perform searches in. Can I create something I can perform searches directly from a document that will open up the results on the third-party website in a new window?


  1. Type mysearch into something (cell, text box, etc) and
  2. Have it open http://www.pdb.org/pdb/search/navbarsearch.do?inputQuickSearch=mysearch in a new window
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This is as close as I could get to what your after

using a spreadsheet I created a "search button"

with the following formula within it:

=HYPERLINK("www.example.com?search=" & B19,"Search")

This then creates a hyper link to your site so then when the user clicks the cell it will have the "go to link" thing that the doc does by default.

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