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I got this in an email and wanted to know if it is a genuine Facebook link, or is someone trying to fake it?

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The important thing is the domain of the link. When you hover on that link, if the URL that shows up (usually at the bottom left of the browser window) starts with http://facebook.com or https://facebook.com, then it is safe no matter what follows the site root.

That being said, the link you gave opens a Facebook page to Report Mistaken Email. It says:

If you are receiving notifications at user@email_address_removed_for_security_reasons.com for a Facebook account that you do not own, please report this account for potential abuse.

and there is a button named "Report Abuse" below the message.

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If I was you I wouldnt trust it instead id go to facebook its self login and see if I had any notifications etc as it should display it on the site if its offical.

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