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I'm looking for some site that would allow me to submita logotype design and get some creative feedback from users/designers. I did a google search on the subject but the results i get in return are mainly just sites driving traffic to various logo design companies.

Is there a user driven community/portal about the matter? Or anything that is established as a good logo review site?

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Not exactly for logos only but can be used as such:

There are also numerous forums dedicated to design criticism such as:

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Could you name some of those forums if you know any good one? +1 for those links. – easwee Jun 17 '11 at 15:11

If you are looking for a high quality community to join check out http://logolounge.com/. You have to pay to join, but that helps keep the quality of work posted on the site very high. You can read articles of inspiration for free.

You should also look into joining your local AIGA chapter http://www.aiga.org. From there you will have the ability to take part in discussions and create a profile for your work.

Both of these networks have the advantage of having a collection of professional, active designers as their user base. :)

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