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The first service that everyone will think of is Dropbox, which I love dearly and will continue support (1 year for me and syncing strong).

I read on Dropbox Blog as well as other sources that there was an authentication bug that allowed temporary access to an account without the correct password. It seems to be under control now and I bear no malice to Dropbox and their team. Failures and bugs are inevitable, I can deal with that.

As it stands Dropbox is very lightweight and simple for getting files across various devices. Thus, as incompetent as I am, I think I might continue placing semi-sensitive info up there in my box. I know that I can encrypt files into an image but I am sure this will choke the partial file changes. I know I can buy hosting as well, but this does not take care of multiple devices.

How can I encrypt my files on Dropbox to be protected from failures that leave authentication open? (i.e. is there a way to add a second layer without making it too complicated? I need to explain this to my family as well)


Where can I host files that will be encrypted and in the event of a failure in the system, the files stay encrypted?

Of course, the service must match what was mentioned above

  • Multiple Devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android (In my case: Windows,Mac,iOS at least)
  • Sharing among users (this will be hard after all those friends I have referred to Dropbox)
  • Files always available from the website
  • Revisions on files with history
  • Preferably 1-2 GB free (Though I don't mind premium services)
  • Not complex (Simple UI, Simple workflow)
  • Preferably IP listing (with timestamp) of every access of the service
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Still losing out on the partial syncing – phwd Jun 21 '11 at 11:42

You're going to have to relax atleast couple of those restrictions. Security + Sharing + Multiple devices + Easy - I doubt any service exists which meets all of your criteria.

Having said that, SpiderOak is probably the closest that comes to meeting your requirements.

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Checkout WUALA https://www.wuala.com/en/

5GB Free and mostly the same functions as dropbox, but completely encrypted all the way.

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