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I'm working on a Google site and wondering if there's a way to add a discussion forum to it.

I've seen some hacked up solutions using Google Spreadsheets and such but it's a little too MacGuyver-esque for me.

I'd like to keep things contained in Google, else I'd just use an Embedded PHPBB installation.

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One other option with Sites itself: Create a new page of type "Announcements." While a bit "bloggish" I think it could work as forum too. Each of your forum posts would be an announcement post. Clicking through to each post gives the option to add comments.

Not glorious, but it does keep it all in Sites. :-)

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But this wouldn't allow other people (a public) to add comments would it? –  Pacerier Jan 8 '12 at 16:03

I don't think you can change the "template" of a site once it's been created (yes, I know you can change the base template for individual pages, but I'm talking about the template for the entire site), but if you create a new site, you can create it based on one of the discussion forum templates listed in the template gallery.

Simply choose to make a new site, and in the template section just choose the "browse the gallery for more" link at the end. Do a search for "discussion" or "forum" or whatever. That'll set you on the right path, I think.

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Since Wave and those answers no longer exist, removing your line about them to make it not seem so dangling –  Eight Days of Malaise Jul 13 '12 at 16:08

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