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Is there any way to sync multiple Outlook calendars with Google Calendar? Google Calendar sync can just sync one calendar.

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I found a really good way to do this is to set up an iCloud account in outlook. I did this to get outlook to sync with my IPod Touch, so I had it in place anyway. Then you can use Smoothsync for iCloud calendar

Note that for Jelly Bean users: To prevent the removal of your accounts on reboot, first install the workaround app described in the information on the app.

The smoothsync for iCalendar app costs $2.76 and is totally worth it. The "workaround" app is free.

There is a similar app for your contacts, SmoothSync for iCloud calendar that is $3.88. Also totally worth it. There is a similar workaround app for Jellybean.

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Yes, you can add these calendars by using the CalDav protocol. This way you can have all your calendars bi-directional synced.

See also the getting started guide from Google.

Though for Outlook you might need some third party software, like Open Connector, to get things running.

I don't have Outlook here to test this for you.

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This is a commercial software (with a free limited trial). It is not perfect, has it's flaws. However, this is the only software I have found that syncs between Outlook (Calendar/Contact/Notes/Tasks) and Gmail.

You can also ask it to sync to multiple Google accounts.

Hope this helps.

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Sync2 allows to sync selected Google calendars with your Outlook. Check out this: http://sync2.com/google-calendar-sync-outlook.aspx

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