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Sometimes while writing an email in gmail I need to "pop out" the composer window to back to my inbox and check something. Is there a shortcut to do this?

I know about shift + c for opening a new message composer in a separate window, but often I'm already writing a message when I need this function. Also, yes there's is the little top right button you can click with the mouse, but I'd love to be able to do this via a shortcut.

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I like tinkering with Gmail, so I made a small script to do what you asked. It works for me in Firefox 5.0 with Greasemonkey.

The shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+Z. You can go through the source and change the shortcut if you wish.

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The latest short cut for opening a new compose window in Gmail:

Try holding down the shift key while clicking compose - it opens a brand new compose window in the center of your screen, perfect for those who like a little extra space!

See the following Google+ post from Gmail.

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Try pressing d - it's a Gmail shortcut to open compose in a new window.

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From the inline compose form, type Shift-Tab to move focus to the menu, use the arrow keys to navigate to "Pop out reply", then press Enter.

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