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i want to submit lyrics to lyrics.wikia.com but I worry about copyright infringement issues

I do not understand how the Copyrights work in lyrics.wikia.com

They claimed that Copyrights to lyrics are held by their respective owners and are licensed through Gracenote.

However how is this possible if the content is user-submitted?

Example, a user (me) submitted copyrighted lyrics to lyrics.wikia.com, then wouldn't lyrics.wikia.com be in trouble?

I've read these links:




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Lyrics Wikia tries to license all user submitted lyrics content via Gracenote which is a service selling rights to use Song meta data according to their FAQ. However I'm unsure whether they are actually doing this and what about songs that aren't in Gracenote's database.

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that's what I'm asking. If there's a new song that just got released last week and i upload the lyrics, chances are it's not already licensed in Gracenote. so basically how do they solve this problem? or can a layman simply do that to bring alot of complains / files upon LyricsWiki? – Pacerier Jul 1 '11 at 0:05
@Pacerier: Chances are high that the song is licensed as all major labels are Gracenote partners. But yes, I someone adds many unlicensed songs that could bring the site down. That's the risk. – neo Jul 1 '11 at 14:08

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