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Is there any way I can customize Google's black nav bar to include a link to my Google Music beta account?

I figure there might be an Google Chrome extension or something that would allow me to save customizations of certain elements of particular pages--but I'm not sure where to look or what to add.


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Google phased out the black bar some time ago. Its replacement, the Google apps menu, already contains a link for Google Music and has some functionality to be customized. – Al E. Feb 6 at 14:59
@AlE. There are few services that still use the black bar. One of them is the Google template gallery: drive.google.com/templates. – Rubén Feb 7 at 17:16

There is a Firefox extension, iGoogleBar.


Chrome supports user scripts, so you could simply write some JavaScript to add a link to the bar.

If you look at the page source in the Web Inspector, you can see that the list is inside the div #gbz. You could create another list item and add it here.


Unfortunate that there was never an answer marked for this one. Thought I'd chime-in in 2012.

There is now a way to tailor the options in the Google black bar. In the bar go to

More > Even More

From there you can select which tools will appear by selecting Add to Black Bar

You can even click and drag options in the black bar to re-order them, or place them in the More drop down.


In Chrome, the "Big G Black Bar Sorter" extension works pretty well. It the simplest method I've seen -- as simple as drag-and-drop. Once you've installed it, you can add new custom links at http://biggblackbarsorter.com.