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I'm a iPod Touch user with a daily commute to work of about 45 minutes, while listening to podcasts & my library is great my music gets to be very old. At work I frequently listen to Last.fm & Pandora; but it would be nice to find a service that had Streaming & offline playlists.

Anything with offline playlists that'll work with my iPod Touch (4th Gen, 32 GB model)?

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TuneIn supports streaming radio, the pro version can record streams as well - that should give you the offline playlist feature.

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I remember reading something about Spotify being able to support iPods. You do need a premium subscription though, and in some regions it might not be available.

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Check out Rdio which I use to create playlists that I sync with my iPod touch and iPad for offline listening. It will cost you $10/month but well worth the price.

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