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I want to build a website which will allow people to migrate from a Yahoo Group, but interaction with the group must still be possible. To this end I want to have peoples interaction with the group done by the website.

The group emails have the reply to address as the users personal email address, not the group address.

So the website will need to post users entries to the group with a unique reply to address and then recieve replies to that address so that they can marked as replies to the user that sent them.

Is there a way that I can do this? I considered having a single user on the group for the website and then modifying the reply to address so that it was something like website+<userid>@website.email.com but I'm not sure if the groups can be configured to allow this as a reply to address. Or perhaps to allow all posts from a particular subdomain so that the reply could be <userid>@website.email.com and all posts from *@website.email.com are allowed. Can I create users of the group programmatically to support this?

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