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At our department we are planning to repeatedly do some tests. For that, we need interested volunteers – and we can't test with the same persons over and over again.

We would like to keep a record of interested parties. Here are some features I'd imagine:

  • People should be able to sign up with their e-mail address
  • We can select a subset of people for an experiment and send them a mail
  • We can see which people already participated and how often they took part
  • People can sign out at any time
  • Nice to have: People can enter when they have time to participate

Now, this sounds like a mailing list tool. I'd be fine with using something like that, but I only know phpList and – in my opinion – it's a bit hard to manage, configure and customize.

So, basically:

  • Is there a web application (or something we can host on our servers) for that?
  • Or: Is there a simple mailing list application that would to the job?

I should also mention that it needs to be free.

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Sounds a lot like a CRM tool. Something like 'OpenCRM' maybe? – Wivani Jul 7 '11 at 11:38

I would take a look at MailChimp

They offer a free service providing you don't exceed 2,000 subscribers or send more than 12,000 emails a month (which is unlikely given the scenario you have provided)

They provide many options for you to manage your subscribers list including:

  • Groups
    • MailChimp allows you to segment based on interest, engagement and more, so you can tailor your message to your audience.
  • List Management
    • MailChimp manages opt–ins, unsubscribes, and bounce cleaning, so you're always in compliance with spam laws and best practices.
  • Subscriber Preferences
    • Your subscribers can update contact information and interests in your records, so you don’t have to process requests manually.

They also provide tracking options inlcuding:

  • Reports Overview
    • MailChimp's free reports tell you who opened and clicked, how many times your email was forwarded, overall ROI and more.
  • List Dashboard
    • MailChimp’s List Dashboard helps you analyze your list and tailor your campaigns to the people reading them.

This is just a small subset of the features they provide - they also have an API available which you can use to integrate with any internal CRM or other system that you may want to sync this information with.

This solution isn't self hosted though.

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I'll have a look and see if that fits our needs, thanks! – slhck Jul 7 '11 at 19:42

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