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My congregational church needs an app that:

  • Maintains a contact list, in which each contact may be part of different (sub)groups
  • Calls the people who are part of group(s) of my choice, to tell them a message I recorded for them
  • Doesn't cost too much for calling between 25-75 people

Bonus points for allowing polls and things like that, at no additional cost, since those features don't appear to be essential.

If we like this system, we may end up using it multiple times per week; so it would be good to find a good one on our first try, whose price doesn't escalate with this kind of usage.

Ideally, I would pay around 10$ per month for something like this.

From my research, I believe OneCallNow might be one of the better options, but hey, what do I know? What do you use for your group, and how does it work out for you?

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