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I know that you can import from Facebook to Yahoo, and from Yahoo to Google+, but is there any way yet of importing followers and following to Google+ from Twitter?

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I wrote a tool to help with this. It can find the Google+ profiles of folks that you follow on Twitter.

Twitter to Google

It does rely on those you follow on Twitter having a www.gplus.to Google+ nickname that matches their Twitter name.

Currently it will find around 20% of those that you follow, but this can be increased simply by spreading the word, e.g. via tweets, that Twitter users should go and grab their matching gplus name.

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Congrats, what an amazing tool! – benhowdle89 Jul 17 '11 at 23:33

At the moment this is not possible. I would imagine that when the Google+ API becomes publicly available to Developers there will be a influx of new Applications that can interact with Google+

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