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The title explains it all.

Here is a service that once did it, but doesn't seem to work any longer: http://www.mailbucket.org/

Any suggestions?

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mmmmail! provides this service.

  • You create an anonymous email account with them e.g BarrysRSSEmailFeeds@mmmmail.com
  • Send emails to the account
  • Access the RSS Feed via http://www.mmmmail.com/BarrysRSSEmailFeeds.xml

Taken from their site:

mmmmail! is a completely ANONYMOUS and FREE disposable Email to RSS service.

This means you can choose any email address in the mmmmail.com domain and use it at your own will. All email sent to this email address of your choice can then be retrieved as an RSS feed.

All mailboxes are public and messages older than 3 days are automagically deleted.

mmmmail! helps you avoid spam, protect your online identity, requires no signup or registration and is completely free.

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