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I was just trying to stay in touch with Facebook without keep the Facebook tab always open.

Now I can check any notification with this Google Chrome extension

And I have to open the tab only when something arrive.

The next step is to keep the chat online without the tab opened. I tried find some extension but none I found can do it. Any suggestions?

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Another option is to have a facebook chat only tab


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You could use the Rockmelt browser - which is based on Chrome, and included a standalone Facebook chat client on the 'edges' of the browser screen. It also allows you to see notifications, updates etc without having to visit the Facebook website.

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I would suggest using trillian. Its a free program that allows you to link to your instant messaging/social network sites. I just started using it and I find it to be pretty useful.

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If you are on Mac, you can use Adium. Or you could use this Chrome extension.

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