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I am browsing suggested people and adding them to my circles, but how do I know whether they are using Google+?

I don't want to add someone who is not a Google+ user or at least, I would like to know that so I can invite them.

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When you add him in your list, if you only see the mail icon this mean your contact don't have Google+.

By the way if you click on the icon of a contact without an account, it will invite you to share by email or send (eventually) an invite.

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I guess, to be more precise: that email address of your contact is not linked with a google+ account. The Contace may have a google+ account but may have created it with a different email address/google profile. –  Andreas_D Jul 13 '11 at 8:19
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In addition to what M'vy said...

When you're looking at your Circles page at the "Find and invite" section, the list of suggested people is broken down into two lists:

  • Suggestions - people who you may know on Google+
  • People not yet using Google+ - you can still share with them via email
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On the "suggestions" list on the main page (unlike everywhere else on google+) there is no envelope to denote which people are not on google+. Instead you can tell the difference by scrolling over the person's name and seeing if it is a link to their profile.

Warning: the text of their name will be blue whether or not it is a link!

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