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I'd like to access (crowd-sourced) company rating information programmatically. Does anybody have suggestions which companies offer an API for that?

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Glassdoor does not offer a public API. There are widgets available on their syndication page

Searching a few times brings up this signup wall.

Facebook signup for Glassdoor

So I guess that are wary of scrapers.

Searching similar sites seems to show that there is no API released for those sites as well but widgets instead.

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Glassdoor does offer an API, you can see it in use here. From what I understand, it's still a private API, and you'd have to contact Glassdoor for access. We use it for the company information on our stock quote pages.

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I recently released an opensource Glassdoor API (using Python requests and BeautifulSoup)

EDIT: -- glassdoor now offers a public REST API which requires a key.

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