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I'm having a heck of a time figuring out which of Google's properties will allow me to do this seemingly simple search:

I want a list of businesses in a specific area, sorted by customer rating.

For instance, I might search for:

  • Indian Food in San Francisco
  • Dry Cleaning in Los Angeles
  • Locksmith in New York

How do I get a list of results sorted by review score?

I've tried using Google Maps, which has the ratings, but doesn't seem to let me sort by rating.

I thought Google Places would be the tool I'm looking for, but when I go there, it just asks if I want to rate or add my own business. It's not clear how I just search.

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The google places results is similar to the way normal google searches work in otherwords they are ranked.So I'm doubtful you can sort them otherwise there rankings wouldnt mean much.

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