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I have gotten used to the text editor and format of Stack Exchange (Markdown), which is much better to describe a question than mail editor.

Sometimes I want to describe a problem/question to a colleague or my supervisor, but I do not want to send them a link of Stack Exchange directly. Does anyone know if there is a PasteBin site where we could paste some texts in Markdown, and get a link?

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Take a look at wrttn.in

Wrttn is a simple notepad with many useful features, the main one being that you can save as much text as you like while taking advantage of the formatting options markup languages such as Textile or Markdown give you.

This means that you can use wrttn to jot down ideas, write an article, an essay, a collection of media (more on this later) or anything your heart desires: both privately (by not sharing the link), or publicly (by sharing the link).

I created a test wrttn and you can view the public version here

There is also an admin url where you can edit the markdown which can be viewed here

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Thank you very much! By the way, do you know how to set up "Markdown" as default, instead of "Textile"? – SoftTimur Jul 20 '11 at 22:39
@SoftTimur on the homepage click on the Controls and Optionsbutton – kraymer Jul 21 '11 at 8:42

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