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If I add someone from my Gmail contacts to a circle, and they haven't got a Google+ account, do they get an email saying I've added them on Google+?

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No, they don't get a notification. However, when you share to that Circle, Google will ask if you want to send an email update to people not using Google +.

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Also, when you add them to the Circle you'll be gently prompted to invite them to Google+. If you do, then they'll get an e-mail. – Al E. Jul 22 '11 at 2:09

As of this post they do, in fact, receive an email, if you add them from within Gmail. I made the mistake of adding an important client to a Circle with an accidental click, and they received an invite to join Google+. That resulted in a very awkward phone conversation where they were letting me down easy about how they don't use Google+, and I was letting them down easy that I wasn't inviting them to my social network.

I wrote an extension to prevent this from happening again that disables the button: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/disable-gmail-add-to-circ/nckhnfmcmenbmoabnfcmdiabconcbhdk

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