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When I click on an avatar of a user on Twitter, it opens as a thumbnail picture. As far as I remember, they were opening as large pictures (in their original size) a week ago or so.

I found a little workaround to display avatars in their original size. At the end of every avatar URL, there is _bigger.jpg. I only remove the _bigger part and hit enter, and I get the originally sized Twitter avatar. For example,

http://.../mypicture_bigger.jpg -> http://.../mypicture.jpg

Is there any way to make Twitter do this by default?

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How are you getting this url? I don't now how you get this url, but if i get the ``profile_url```from json of a user I get the full image Here we have a discussion about that. – Nicos Karalis Jul 22 '11 at 20:05

No, there is no way to make Twitter do this by default without getting an extension to do the job.

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The problem has been solved per se after I have cleared the history and removed all cookies from Firefox.

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