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I've been trying to find a clean, fresh and nice-looking alternative online tool for writing topic pages and then discussing them.

Ideally, this should be a wiki page (where users are able to embed images and use custom fonts and colors) with Google docs-style commenting and seamless sharing/commenting through Google+.

Does anyone know of anything like this?

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There isn't much Google+ 3rd-party integration yet because Google hasn't made the API available to the public. They do have a invite-only developer test going on soon However yesterday I saw that Google actually just bought a small start-up called Fridge. That company had a lot of interesting features that are now likely to be integrated into Google+.

Features from Fridge's homepage:

  • Create a group to share with friends & family
  • Organize events, outings and parties
  • Plan and coordinate group vacations
  • Manage classmates and study groups
  • Collaborate with co-workers and team mates

In the mean time, depending on the size of the group I guess, you could perhaps use Google Doc's collections to manage your topics, sharing and commenting.

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Thanks, I've already heard of Fridge and it's group features. Yes G+ is buying them out, they tell about that at the site title. We'll see how far G+ goes, cause at the moment I can filter persons only - but not group or tag person has posted to - so this is useless for company discussions because of all other clutter. – Brock Jul 23 '11 at 16:47

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