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Let's say I ran the following query in Google's web search:

site:"superuser.com" "windows 7"

This will return results on the blog.superuser.com subdomain.

How can I restrict results to only be from the superuser.com domain and not any other subdomain?

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Rather than using the site: search operator try using inurl: instead along with the + operator. Seems to work pretty well for me.

asd +[inurl:http://stackexchange.com]

or in the case of this question:

"windows 7" +[inurl:http://superuser.com]

Note: Posting this answer in response to this recent duplicate question

Tests for other sites

  • newspulse +[inurl:http://cnn.com] no newspulse.cnn.com
  • The Latest Scripts from JavaScript Source +[inurl:http://internet.com] no javascript.internet.com
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This doesn't work for me, at least not from mobile. – Drazen Bjelovuk May 8 '15 at 6:54
@codingbadger, What's the point of the plus operator? (Isn't + operator gone since a long time ago... searchengineland.com/google-sunsets-search-operator-98189 ) – Pacerier Jan 16 at 0:29

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