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Possible Duplicate:
What web-based software combines bug tracking, agile project management and client collaboration?

Having to project manage an upcoming web developement project im looking for a bug tracking system, where client / me can login to post bugs related to the website in developement.

Ideal, it would be cool if I could create user login for my client and one for me as admin, and one for developers-to respond to reported bugs / mark them as fixed.

Do anyone know of any good online system to achieve this?

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This question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question.

PivotalTracker is a popular platform that handles issues and bugs and offers a good UI for assigning / prioritizing.

Trac is geared toward development teams and integrates with version control systems such as Subversion.

To-dos in Basecamp is not the most fully-featured system for developers, but for clients who want a super easy-to-use system, it can work well.

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