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My wife and I use Google Music, but as it is now we have to run the upload manager in each of our (Windows 7) logins to upload new music to each of our accounts.

Can I run two separate instances of the upload manager in one login? It would be great to not have to login as each user and run the manager to upload new music to each of our Google Music accounts.


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To upload music to more than one Google account you must run two music manager processes under different user accounts. To achieve this I created a scheduled task.

  • If your wife doesn't have a separate account on your computer create a new account
  • Open Task Scheduler
  • Under Actions click Create Task
  • Type in a name for the new task e.g.: wifes google music
  • Click Change user or group
  • Under enter object names to select type in your wife's username. The username for her computer login not her Google account
  • Click OK
  • Click Run whether user is logged on or not
  • Check run with highest privileges
  • Click Triggers
  • Click New
  • Change on a schedule to at log on
  • Click specific user
  • Click OK
  • Click Actions
  • Click New
  • Click Browse
  • Under file name type: %AppData%\..\Local\Programs\Google\MusicManager\MusicManager.exe
  • Click Open
  • Click OK
  • Click OK

Easy... using the official app and a virtualized server to install another one :)

"Easy..." - Lol. – Nathan Osman Nov 23 '11 at 2:23

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