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Can we create a RSS feed for a Facebook group?

Basically, I want to display the latest happenings of a Facebook group on a web page with some other RSS feeds like a blog, etc.

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Use the Group to RSS app on Facebook


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You can access using Graph API. However you will need some access token with enough privileges to read the group stream.

e.g.: https://graph.facebook.com/<group_id>/feed?access_token=<access_token>

Sample output

   "data": [
         "id": "2204300302_10150259728120303",
         "from": {
            "name": "Tiana Ellis",
            "id": "761409187"
         "to": {
            "data": [
                  "version": 0,
                  "name": "I just lost \"The Game\"",
                  "id": "2204300302"
         "message": "All day, everyday...",
         "type": "status",
         "created_time": "2011-08-08T18:22:42+0000",
         "updated_time": "2011-08-08T18:22:42+0000"
   "paging": {
      "previous": "https://graph.facebook.com/<group_id>/feed?access_token=<access_token>&limit=25&since=1312827762",
      "next": "https://graph.facebook.com/<group_id>/feed?access_token=<access_token>&limit=25&until=1311913588"

Source: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/group/#feed

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You can use a wallflux of your group: http://www.wallflux.com

Wall Flux, the tool which helps you to export Facebook Page and Group Walls to RSS 2.0 feeds.

Due to privacy settings, Wall Flux does not work out of the box for closed Facebook Groups. But with a small action from your side (adding us to your closed group) you can access the Wall Flux-feed just like that of an open Facebook Group.

Disclaimer: I'm affiliated with Wallflux

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I don't think you can do it with a group, but you can do it with a Facebook Page. Then just use the "Subscribe via RSS" link on the left side of the page, or follow this convention:

http://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?id=[PAGE ID]&format=rss20
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