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Clients often need to send me large log files for analysis. Are there any services out there that are geared more toward my receiving large files instead of publishing them?

Ideally I would like a tool that I could send a secure, one time use link that would allow them to upload huge files to (up to 10GB).

The file would then be available only to me to download.

I wouldn't want the client sending me files to have to register or do anything other than hit "browse" then "submit".

Pay services are better than free in this instance. The boss thinks "you get what you pay for".

Setting up my own server is possible, but would require some web interface to make it easy for clients. It would also mean supporting another server which is problematic.

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One service meet your requirements is Filemail. The Corporate plan allows you to send up to 25GB files over SSL.

Here is a list of file sending apps: http://www.howtosendlargefiles.com/

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