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I have my personal account and a Google Apps account. Despite Google now allowing multiple logins, I'm having trouble making different Google connected services use the right one. Is there a way to:

  • Always have YouTube be associated with my personal one so I don't have to log out of the apps one (which seem to log me out of everything)?
  • Not have to log out of Google Analytics to switch view from one to the other?
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Your youtube issue is simple answer of logging in with that account first.

The analytics issue however is the real problem as it doesn't currently support multi-sign

So the only options I can think of are using an private session(or what ever the browsers call it) for the anayltics and do as normal for mail and youtube.

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The way I do this is by accessing my google apps emails from my personal gmail account. I simply forward all mails from my apps account to my personal gmail account. This question: How to access google apps mail from within personal gmail account should provide you with some other helpful answers as well.

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