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As I have read on Yammer website and other sources, Yammer is having a Questions application where we can mark a post as question and other members can answer that. But I could not find a option to mark a post as question. If anybody has done that please let me know.

For reference -



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Questions are special posts in Yammer. You cannot turn a regular post into a question but you can create a new question either by:

  • Looking for the “more” link under your Company section in the sidebar. Questions are somewhere down the list of application links.

  • Or select Question from the Share a... menu on the website.

Note that this is valid for the main Yammer website.

Yammer clients need to handle questions in their own way to allow you to post a question instead of a regular post.

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Thanks Laurent. Actually at the time of asking this there was no option for "Quesion" in 'Share a..' menu but today its visible. I don't know if this is anyhow related to asking the question here on stack exchange :) – Deependra Solanky Aug 11 '11 at 3:54

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