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Does a web-app like this exist:

I have several recordings of gps-coordinates (gpx or tcx-format) from biking the same route several times. It would be awesome to compare two (or more) of them at the same time visually, similar to ghost-mode i some driving computer games.

I have searched but not found anything that can do that.

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Check out SportTracks.

  • GPS import or manual workout entry
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Please find a link below to a Beta program (Windows 7 only supported at the moment) which allows for the import of two TCX files (sorry, GPX files not supported at the moment). It was the ghost mode I experienced within some driving games that was the inspiration for this program:


If biking mode is detected, the 'runners' are replaced with basic bicycles. Also, there is a mode whereby life force is assigned to each of the data imported. If enabled, the life force depletes if either:

  1. A heart rate threshold is exceeded
    3D View of similar tcx imported data

  2. A minimum speed is not maintained

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