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I know there are several Twitter archiving services, such as Twapperkeeper. That's the only one that I can find that has public archives of searches. However, it lacks the search I want, namely #palinemails.

Where else could I look to generate an archive of tweets with that or any hashtag more than two weeks old?

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Not really an archive but you can just use Google search site:twitter.com inurl:status +palinemails – phwd Aug 17 '11 at 19:14
That is a really good suggestion. It looks like I need to apply for an API key for the search APIs for Google, Bing, and Yahoo so maybe screen scrapping is more appropriate for an adhoc endeavor. – Justin Dearing Aug 17 '11 at 20:28

As I said in the comments, you can use Google search site:twitter.com inurl:status +palinemails. There isn't a canonical resource that holds all Twitter archives publicly. Try checking this related question to see if it can assist you in searching for other tweets labelled with #palinemails.

How can I backup all of my tweets?

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