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I want to return the sum of all cells in ColumnA only if the value of a cell on the same row is equal to a specific value.

For example, sum C4 if D4 = "Bob". Assuming there are six rows whereby "Bob" appears in ColumnD, I would expect that the sum of six values from ColumnC would be added together.

My suspicion is the above requires use of a loop, which Google Spreadsheets does not provide.

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in C column are numbers, in D column are ("bob" or others)

if you wish do not sum all column you can use for example


Note: Text is case sensitive (Bob is not equal bob)

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It seems to me that sumif is case insensitive, – WAF Nov 6 '11 at 5:24

You can use this formula:

=if( D4="Bob",sum(A0:A0),"null")

This will sum all the values in the A column if D4 is equal to Bob, otherwise it will put a null as the answer.

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I agree Q is unclear as to which column is to be summed, but there is no row 0 and the requirement is to include in the total only values from rows where the D value is "Bob" (rather than sum all rows if a specific cell contains "Bob"). – pnuts Jun 17 '14 at 20:08

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