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I'm a Super Administrator for a domain associated with Google Apps. For some reason, I'm receiving all mail that is being sent to this domain.

Here's what it says in the Account Settings of my Super Admin's Google Apps mail:

Email addresses:

webmaster@mydomain.com  (Primär e-postadress)

I'd like to remove *@mydomain.com to prevent receiving everything being sent to @domain.com, but I can't find a way to do it.

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To bounce messages addressed to non-existent recipients:

  1. Log into the Google Apps control panel for your domain.

  2. Click the Settings tab and then select Email in the left column.

    • (Free edition) In the Catch-all address section, select the Discard radio button.
    • (Other editions) In the Email routing section, select the Discard radio button.

4 .Click Save changes.

Taken from this Google Help Article

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Thanks Barry for your complimentary info. Embarrasingly (but good altogether) I found the answer to the problem in my situation: In Google Apps, visit the Organization & users settings. Under nicknames, click on Remove *@mydomain.com and everything's in order again. (Apologies for posting this question/answer. It was perhaps a bit specific to my own quite unique dilemma, although I wasn't aware of that until I found the clue myself.) – Henrik Aug 21 '11 at 15:48
@hced: No problem - glad you have got it sorted now. – codingbadger Aug 21 '11 at 15:55

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